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"I couldn’t believe it later when I took off the bandage and there was just a little piece of tape marking the incision site. I could hardly see it. Now it looks like a freckle.”—Vicki, cryoablation patient.
We’re helping to make breast care more comfortable.

Today, there are many excellent resources for women who want to learn about breast health. At Sanarus, we consider ourselves to be among these resources.

Sanarus is dedicated to supporting patients and their family members and caregivers who are interested in learning more about breast health and the treatment techniques that are available. Toward that goal, we have developed a line of breast care products based on cryoablation to provide safe, effective, and minimally invasive treatments for breast care from diagnosis and characterization of a breast lump, through its cryoablation and reabsorption by the body.

Cryoablation-based Breast Care

Our line of breast care products includes the Visica 2™ Treatment System, which is currently used for the treatment of benign fibroadenoma breast tumors. We are also studying the use of cryoablation for the treatment of cancerous breast tumors.
Minimally Invasive Tumor Removal

The FDA cleared the Visica® Treatment System for the treatment of fibroadenoma tumors in 2001. The Visica 2™ Treatment System was cleared for use in 2005.
Future Treatment Directions

We are working with leading physicians and women’s health experts to expand the use of minimally invasive cryoablation procedures into other areas of breast care, including the treatment of cancer.

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